The team are not just home inspectors. We're also educators. Check out our helpful Homeowner Tips & Resources.

As a building consultants for life, we make sure that each client is properly educated on their home during their inspection. We also encourage homeowners to call us once they've moved in if any home issues arise.

As educators, we want homeowners to understand their houses. Walking through the inspection with us is step one. We'll point out important areas of the home that you'll need to work with from time to time (like the breaker box and water valves.) We'll also point out any problem areas we see, and inform you of what to look out for.

Please see the below resources for our home buyers and home sellers. We want to be of service to every homeowner in Kansas City before, during and after the home inspection.

Recommended Service Providers

Trusted contacts in Kansas City that we've worked with over the years who can help you with any home concerns or the home buying process.

For Home Sellers

How a home inspection BEFORE you list your house can benefit you and make your process go faster.

For Home Buyers

The when, where and why to have a home inspection performed before you sign on the dotted line.

Home Buyer Blog

Tips, Tricks & Info you need to know regarding your homes.

Environmental Concerns

More about radon, lead-based paint and aesbestos.


About the #1 lung cancer cause among non-smokers that could be infiltrating your home.


More about this common, yet detrimental if untreated, pest problem.


What you need to know about mold and how high levels can harm your health.

Common Defects

Some of the most common issues we see during our home inspections