Q: What if the Inspection Finds Issues and I Don't Buy the House?

Our report will tell you the condition of the house, including needed repairs. No house is going to be perfect. It is up to you to decide how any problems the inspection uncovers might affect your decision to purchase. If major problems are discovered, you may want to try negotiating with the seller to have them repaired before closing the deal. Or perhaps the seller will lower the price, or offer more favorable contract terms. In the end, the decision rests with you, but knowing about potential problems, before you buy, gives you the power to negotiate and make the best decisions. We hate it when we see deals drop because of a home inspection but are always grateful end the end for the buyer. Initially it might seem like a waste of money to have a home inspection on a house you don't end up buying. However, look at it as an investment you just made to save you thousands of money in the long run. Homeowners who've passed on their first house because of a home inspection only to find a better listing with fewer problems have been so thankful in the end for their initial inspection - even if they didn't end up buying the house.