Consultation Services

(per hour)

Price : $139.00

Need some professional guidance on the status of your home? Have a perplexing foundation settlement problem or a roof leak caused by an unknown source or just some simple educational tips like how to maintain the HVAC and figure out your hot water tank?'s home consultation is designed to educate and inform home owners about the inter-workings of their home and simple solutions to complex problems. Many homeowners aren't familiar with their home's mechanical and structural systems to know when a major problem has occurred. The team can meet one-on-one, inspect a certain area of concern, and give tips for maintenance or repair.

Examples Of Home Consultations

We've met with home owners for a variety of reasons. Some of the most popular home consultations we've done involve:

Indicating if new cracks in the basement are cause for concern and need immediate action.
Looking over a furnace to determine if it's still safe to use, and providing education on upkeep.
Identify leaks and sources of ceiling stains.
Examine the exterior to determine if there's been damage or replacement is needed.
Determine if a chimney is safe for use.

The team is a resourceful guide and can consult you on the status of your home, and how to get it fixed. In the event we identify an area that needs repair, we can refer you to a service provider and walk you through the steps to ensure your home is back up to par in no time.