Detached Garage/Outbuilding

Price : $55.00

 Our team recommends an inspection of the entire property from the front to the back yard. Some listings include a detached building. It's important to have us inspect these detached buildings in addition to your home since they also include structural and mechanical systems. We look at the structure of the detached building, the roof, and any visible mechanical systems within (like garage door openers.) The detached building will be included in our inspection report.

Detached Garage Inspections

This includes garages that are not adjoined to the rest of the home.

Barn Inspections

In rural areas often times a barn will also sit on the property. We'll let you know the status of the barn and if anticipated repair or maintenance will be needed.

Outbuilding Inspections

Some listings have a separate building on the property. We'll inspect this add-on building to ensure it's safe and not a liability.

Inspecting a detached building adds approximately 30 minutes to your Home Inspection.