Facts about Subterranean Termites

In Kansas and Missouri

What to look for when selling or buying a home

Termites pose a big problem for homeowners. Termites cause severe wood damage and can affect the successful sale or purchase of a home. In some cases, damage from termites is not covered by insurance, which makes the need for a termite inspection even greater prior to buying a home.

termitesWood destroying subterranean termites is the main type of termites found in the Midwest (Kansas). Subterranean Termites will travel over foundations via mud tunnels called “shelter tubes”. The termites require high humidity to thrive and shelter tubes provide them with protection from drying elements.

Subterranean termites can reside within the soil or under large concrete structures like garage floors and basement floors. They can travel through “cold joints” (expansion joints in concrete created by concrete that is set in place and hardens prior to the next placement of concrete against it). Cold joints give termites’ easy access to the interiors of homes where they can cause even more damage.

For some home buyers termites may be a “deal breaker,” however it’s important to remember termite damage is common in many homes in Kansas. Termite damage is repairable and termites themselves can be eradicated with termite control.

termites in coldjoint

In the event termites are found during a home inspection, buyers can negotiate with sellers to have the damage repaired as part of the inspection contingency. Termite damage is typically simple to repair, and will not negatively impact the long-term value of the home once repairs are made and the termites are eradicated.

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