Foundation Evaluation

Price : $105.00

It's not uncommon for homes in the Midwest to experience foundation shifting with the changes in weather, particularly in seasons of extreme heat or little rain. Droughts have caused many basements to shift - which leads to worried homeowners. Our team can evaluate your basement and identify if any foundation damage has occurred. We'll recommend specialists to repair the cracks and walls if shifting is not within normal tolerance.

Why use a home inspector to evaluate a basement?

A home inspector can offer an unbiased opinion and evaluation on your basement. We're trained to determine the structural integrity of a home, and that begins with the foundation. Because we only inspect the home for damage, we do not have a vested interest in our report. Well give you an honest outlook at your situation. Some homeowners do not need extensive repairs; the shifting is within normal tolerance. Others do need repair in order to prevent progressive foundation movement, structural framing issues and leaks.

We'll spend an hour carefully going through your basement (and any other area of the home you're concerned about.) In the event repairs are needed, we'll put you in touch with a recommended professional who will get the job done right. Having us come out to inspect your basement will not only give you peace of mind and help you sleep easier. It will let you confidently proceed in caring for your home and ultimately, protecting your family and your largest investment: your house.

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