For Home Buyers

For Home Buyers

Never buy a home without a home inspection. And that's not just our biased opinion.

If you're buying a home - whether it's brand new or has been around for 100 years - you need a home inspection. No home is perfect; and you need a trained inspector to test and examine every part, system and room of the home. An inspection is vital to uncovering any issues a home has, and to the untrained eye, are invisible. We can help ensure that the home you're purchasing is safe for your family and won't cause you major (expensive) problems after closing.

Inspection Contingency

Because no home is perfect, we recommend buyers ask for the "inspection contingency" when entering negotiations with a home seller. This will allow you to set a limit on the cost of repairs, or even drop the contract, so that you don't end up in a house with repairs you're unable or unwilling to pay for. A home inspection allows you the opportunity to request the seller correct any repairs found on the home inspection before you buy the house. If they don't comply, or the list of repairs needed is too risky, you may back out of your offer.

Even if you don't end up purchasing the home and move on to a different location to restart the process - it is money well spent. A home inspection will save you thousands in home repairs in the long run if you're educated and firm with the seller in your negotiations.

Join us On Your Inspection

If you've chosen us to inspect your home, we ask that you accompany us around the property. We also encourage you to bring a list of any areas you are concerned about, and we'll make sure to address those as we inspect.

We're committed to educating you about the home and its systems. We'll not only inspect the home for problems, but educate you about your new house along the way. From showing you where your breaker box is, instructing you on how to turn off the hot water tank, reviewing the heating and cooling systems, checking the faucets and floors - we'll walk you through each step so there are no questions nor surprises.

When you walk through the inspection with us, you'll see which repairs are needed an why. That way you can make informed decisions and confidently follow through with your offer.

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