13 Oct

The Race is Off - No Need to Rush and Replace HVAC Before Spring

Posted by InspectorNick.com

The Race is Off - No Need to Rush and Replace HVAC Before Spring. Were you racing to replace your heating and cooling system before spring?

Were you racing to replace your heating and cooling system before spring? New laws by the Department of Energy (DOE) had many homeowners considering an HVAC replacement before new requirements took effect in May.

Thanks to a legal settlement last week, the race is off. The new requirements were overturned. Now you can rest easy and replace your HVAC system when you're ready without the risk or threat of increased costs.


What was the DOE's furnace ban?

The DOE had placed a ban on certain furnaces. They were trying to mandate that only the most energy efficient furnaces be installed. While this was a great effort toward being more "green," the requirements in cue threatened increased costs for homeowners.

HVAC companies were not going to be allowed to install anything less than a 90% efficient furnace (currently the law requires 80%) and homeowners faced potential construction fees if indoor furnaces needed replaced.


What happened with the overturned law?

Legal action was taken and the DOE withdrew its new requirements. Arguments against the additional costs for homeowners and unfairness of the law and its impelmentation were heard.


What does this mean for homeowners?

Some homeowners with working, older furnaces were considering a replacement before May to escape higher fees associated with a 90% efficient furnace and/or possible construction for venting.

Now that the requirements are dropped, there's no rush to replace a working furnace in order to avoid the new regulations.

Homeowners are still encouraged to use the tax rebates and programs to install the most energy efficient furnaces they can afford when replacement is needed.

What does the InspectorNick.com team think about the overturned regulations?

Our home inspection team at InspectorNick.com is glad to see the rules have been dropped. We are in support of "green" efforts that will make home appliances more efficient. But, the way the requirements were set did not properly take into effect the financial impact and burden on homeowners.

We're glad our clients will have one less thing to worry about when it comes to buying or selling a home. They can replace appliances when it's appropriate for them and not feel the pressure to beat the clock just to avoid costly new rules.

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