16 Sep

Worried about your home inspection?

Posted by InspectorNick.com

Worried about your home inspection? As home inspectors in Kansas City, we typically meet two kinds of clients.

Some clients are so excited to meet us once we pull up to the house and get started on the inspection, they can hardly wait to begin.

Others - they aren't exactly bubbling over with joy. Anxieties run high as they try not to anticipate bad news yet prepare for the worst. They're hopeful their pending dream house will become a reality but scared of what we might find.

Whether you can relate more with the first or second type of client, we thought we'd offer up some general advice and comfort to anyone needing (and possibly fretting about) using our home inspection services soon.

1. Remember that no house is perfect.

Whether you're buying or listing a property and need a home inspector, be prepared to hear that something in the house needs improved, fixed or monitored. Yes, this even applies to new construction.


2. Most of the time, we do not find deal-breakers.

About 85% of the homes our team inspects do not have concerns that cause the buyers to drop a contract and change their minds. A very high percentage of homeowners proceed with the real estate transaction.

We make sure to offer education throughout our home inspection and can refer trusted contractors if any areas of the home need repair or maintenance. As the home inspectors, we give you the information you need to make a decision that's best for you and your family.


3. No need to be embarrassed, termites and wood rot are common.

In the Midwest, it's very common for homes to have exterior wood rot - it's the most common problem we run into when inspecting homes around Kansas City.

Also, termites are also not uncommon in this geographic area. In the event we find either one, both are very treatable and a relatively easy fix.


4. Radon problems need to be detected - but can be resolved.

A radon evaluation is an important test to run for the safety of anyone living in a home.

The EPA determined that many counties within the Kansas City Metro area lie within in Zone 1 for Radon Exposure, meaning that there's the highest potential of increased radon exposure in our homes (greater than 4 pCi/L.)

We offer a home inspection package that includes a radon evaluation so that you can know if the home needs radon mitigation before you move in.

5. We're nice guys and offer a discount if things don't work out.

In the event you fall into the small percentage of clients that choose to walk away from a house after the home inspection, we offer a discount for your second (or third ... or fourth, heaven forbid) home inspection once you've found another property you'd like to buy.

We guarantee to inspect each home thoroughly from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. But we know how stressful things can be and offer a repeat customer discount until you find that perfect home. Make sure to personally call us if you're a repeat customer.

Above all - remember that we find areas of improvement in EVERY home we visit. Our top priority is keeping you and your family safe. We'll make sure to let you know if we think the house we're inspecting can do just that.

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