27 Oct

Basement Cracked?

Posted by InspectorNick.com

Basement Cracked? We suspect that many Kansas City homeowners have a growing fear that their basements have been damaged due to the drought.

Advice about watering the foundation is prevalent, however cracks and signs of shifting have already begun to appear.


Do you have a foundation problem?

The initial signs that your foundation has been impacted by the dry weather are wall cracks - big and small. Cracks above doorways or in unusual and unfamiliar spots are the first giveaway that your foundation may have shifted.

You can also check for an un-level floor, which is also a sign your foundation has moved. Set down a golf ball and see if it rolls; that's a good indicator of an un-level floor.


Who should I call if my basement is cracked?

We recommend that you hire an unbiased consultant to determine the extent of your foundation damage. A fee-paid home inspector or a structural engineer will be able to access the damage and recommend next steps.

A foundation contractor may also be called, but know they have a vested interest in their consultation. An un-biased professional will let you know if the foundation's movement is within normal tolerance or if it's causing major damage and needs repair.

We'll also let you know if the movement is caused by dry soil, or if there's another issue causing the cracks.



Are basement cracks a big deal?

Although basement cracks aren't uncommon, they need to be addressed. If your foundation's movement is NOT within the normal tolerance, you will want to hire a contractor to fix your foundation's walls.

Not repairing the foundation cracks can result in progressive foundation movement, structural framing issues and leaks.

The foundation of a home is one of the most important features to properly maintain. Not only to prevent costly repairs, but also to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

Start preserving the foundation now by placing a soaker hose six-inches away from the foundation for one hour each day. If you notice cracks or shifts have occurred, call an un-biased professional to access the movement and to prevent further damage.