01 Dec

Why bother with a pre-listing inspection?

Posted by InspectorNick.com

Why bother with a pre-listing inspection?TRUE OR FALSE? Pre-listing inspections are just another marketing ploy by home inspectors. FALSE.

Read on to learn why we highly encourage agents and sellers to consider a pre-listing inspection before a house ever goes on the market.

What is a pre-listing inspection?

A home inspector performs a pre-listing inspection before a house is "listed" for sale.

The home inspectors review all areas of the house for initial concerns... many times homeowners don't recognize or realize problem areas. A report will let home sellers know what parts of the home have major and minor concerns.

For example, before buyers ever look at the house you can know if the roof is in good shape, there's any wood rot or if concerning foundation cracks appear, to name a few.

What are the advantages of a pre-listing inspection?

Some sellers don't want to know pre-listing inspection outcomes and agents discourage clients from taking a proactive approach. What you don't know won't hurt you - right?

The problem is that the buyer will find a home inspector who (hopefully) uncovers the same issues.

In our experience as home inspectors around Kansas City, we've seen pre-listing inspections be more helpful than harmful. We watch clients:

  • Sell homes quicker.
  • Eliminate surprises.
  • Incur fewer problems in the real estate transaction. (causing fewer offers to fall through)
  • Accurately set a price and complete the disclosure statement.
  • Prepare for fair negotiations.
  • Proactively fix any major areas of repair or resolve safety hazards.
  • Successfully market the home. (buyers appreciate pre-listing inspections)
  • Reduce stress levels and experience a more streamlined sale.


old house home inspection independence moWhat's the difference between a pre-listing inspection and a whole house inspection?

A whole house inspection is designed inspect a home thoroughly and educate buyers along the way. We WANT home buyers to follow us around! We look through ALL nooks and crannies, which takes on average three to four hours. Buyers receive a 30-page inspection report.

In a pre-listing inspection for sellers, we identify major concerns in the home. In approximately two hours sellers learn what areas could potentially hold up the sale or create price negotiations. The report is shorter and more basic. Pre-listing inspections cost less than whole house inspections since they are a "Cliffs Notes" version of a home inspection.

What if the buyer gets a home inspector, too?

Even if you request a pre-listing inspection, plan on the buyer also hiring a home inspector. It is common for the buyer's home inspector to list items on the inspection report not mentioned in the pre-listing inspection.

There should be overlap when it comes to major concerns, but it's not uncommon for a home inspector to find additional small repairs during a buyer's whole house inspection.

Typically, these are small repairs that do not hold up or stop real estate transactions.

Scheduling a pre-listing inspection with InspectorNick.com

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