Lead Testing Whole Property (interior & exterior)

Price : $500.00

Older homes built before 1978 may need to be inspected and tested for lead if there will be children residing in the home or if you're about to undergo a remodeling project. Before 1978, the government didn't regulate the amount of lead used in paints. While many homes still have high levels of lead paint, it's particularly dangerous when the paint starts chipping and particles from lead dust are inhaled.

We'll have a certified lead-based paint expert to your home and take samples to identify if you're at risk for lead exposure. Our Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Testing is conducted with the aid of a device known as an XRF Analyzer (X-ray fluorescence). The XRF is the ONLY device which is approved by State & Federal Agencies for the accurate testing for LBP in a person's home. The XRF provides immediate results and does not require any destructive testing.

Chipping paint, sanding and scraping paint containing high levels of lead can leave dust particles around your home that may cause concern. Exposure to lead is especially be harmful for those age 6 and under, or pregnant women. According to the EPA, "(Lead exposure among) children age six and younger has been linked to nervous system damage, behavior and learning problems, and slow growth.