Radon Test "Stand Alone"

Price : $150.00

Testing for radon is the only way to determine your home's radon level. Every home has some traces of radon, however the EPA and Surgeon General recommend the testing of all homes below the third floor to make sure levels are not excessive. Learn more about the dangers of high levels of radon.

Our radon testing will determine if your home has excessive levels of radon. In the event the test finds high radon levels, we will recommend a professional who can help reduce levels at a reasonable cost so that your home will adhere to the EPA's approved methods for reduction of radon in a residential structure. Very high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels through radon mitigation.

EPA recommends that you use a certified or state licensed radon tester to perform the test. InspectorNick.com can test your home for radon, even if you don't need a home inspection.

A radon testing machine will need to be in place for 48 hours to achieve results.