Basic Package: $360.00

Includes the following services:

  • Foundation (basement evaluation)
  • Roofing (certified roofing inspection)
  • Exterior, Walls, Siding, etc...
  • Porches & Decks
  • Attic
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Interior Doors & Windows
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ventilation
  • Fireplaces


 Our Basic Whole House Inspection package is a basic mechanical and structural home inspection. It's our job to evaluate the condition of the house's major systems and structural integrity. In addition to visually inspecting every area accessible to us, we'll evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas of the home that need to be repaired, watched or replaced.

Our 12-Step Home Inspection Includes:

  1. Foundation
  2. Roofing
  3. Exterior, walls, siding etc...
  4. Porches and decks
  5. Attic
  6. Electrical systems
  7. Plumbing systems
  8. Interior
  9. Doors and windows
  10. Heating and air conditioning systems
  11. Ventilation
  12. Fireplaces

Please plan on approximately 2 - 3 hours for a new home inspection.

Mechanical inspections include: visible plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling & built-in appliances

Structural Inspections include: foundation, roof and everything in-between including windows, walls, floors, doors, fireplaces, chimneys, grading, fences, and attics.