Fourplex Inspection-VALUE

Price : $770.00

Termite Inspections

The last thing you want is added stress of termites when purchasing a fourplex, especially if you'll be using it as a rental property. If unidentified and untreated, these critters can cause major structural damage; damage that is often not covered by many insurance policies. To be safe, we recommend a termite inspection to be performed during your duplex inspection.

Identifying Termite Damage

Termite damage or infestation can be identified through visually inspecting the home for:

Mud tubes. These are often found on foundation walls and floor joists and about the size of a pencil.
Hollowed wood. Knocking on a baseboard, siding, trim, etc. will indicate if the wood has been hollowed out.
Wrinkled or sunken wall coverings can indicate termites are crawling beneath them.

Our team of termite inspectors visually inspect the duplex for any signs of current or past termite infestation. In the event the home does require termite treatment, we can recommended service providers and contractors who can repair and prevent further damage.

Our fourplex inspection provides a thorough visual inspection of each unit within the listing. Clients often purchase a fourplex for a rental property. Our fourplex inspection will ensure that you know the status on each unit before closing the deal. We'll educate you on how to properly maintain the units and locate important features like electrical boxes and valves. A fourplex inspection will thoroughly inspect each unit of the fourplex's interior systems, as well as the roof and exterior systems.

If you need an inspection of only one unit of a fourplex, please see our Whole House Inspection Packages.

Our 12-Step Home Inspection Includes:

  1. Foundation
  2. Roofing
  3. Exterior, walls, siding etc...
  4. Porches and decks
  5. Attic
  6. Electrical systems
  7. Plumbing systems
  8. Interior
  9. Doors and windows
  10. Heating and air conditioning systems
  11. Ventilation
  12. Fireplaces

Please plan on approximately 4 hours for a fourplex inspection.

Mechanical inspections include: visible plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling & built-in appliances

Structural Inspections include: foundation, roof and everything in-between including windows, walls, floors, doors, fireplaces, chimneys, grading, fences, and attics.